Visit us

Don't your cats drive you crazy from time to time? So that you just want break free? Run away, into an idyllic world - with completely different cats? We suggest: Come visit us! We are looking forward to have a coffee with you and chitchat about the daily madness, that is living with cats. And once you're here, you might as well take a look at our (offline) shop, or at our barn... Rumor has it that veritable treasure hide amongst the seconds that we store here... it's just that we haven't quite had the courage to go in there in a while now, its just too big a mess. But if you are brave enough to enter the ceramics jungle, we'll gladly provide you with machetes and directions.


If you live a bit further away, you might as well stay a little longer in the area and discover the peaks (or heaps...) of the Rhön and the surroundings. We will gladly give you all the advice and information that you need to make it an interesting trip. To anticipate one highlight, let me mention the Kreuzberg with his famous beer. And very soon, or so we hope, you'll be able to use our old farmhouse as basecamp for your explorations: We have a little holiday flat in right over our shop, that we'll happily rent you... (as soon as we have the time to take pictures... so much work...)


Since our hometown Salz may come across a little confusing, here a little sketch about how you can find us when you're arriving by car.