drinking fountain with broad bottom

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drinking fountain with 35cm bowl with a broad bottom
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Sku: 4821

This drinking fountain consists of a bowl (diameter about 35cm) with a broad bottom, which makes for a capacity of 4l in total, and a sphere (diameter about 15cm) which holds the pump. The fountain evaporates a lot of water, providing an pleasent climate in the room. Soft murmuring helps you to relax after a long workday. You can ajust the flow rate of the quality pumps easly to make the water plash vividly from your fountain, or when in a different mood, pour out silently. Cleaning this TÜV-certified pump is very easy (see here). The fountain is delivered with both the pump (along with instructions) and the tube already installed. You just put the sphere inside of the bowl, fill the latter with water (up to about half a centimeter under the margin)... and of course plug in the pump. Enjoy!

We manufacture all the fountains ourselves in the traditional manner on a throwing wheel in the Bavarian mountains Rhön. Buying one of our fountains means therefore being delivered a piece of local craftmansship which adds to the orginality and individuality of your home - each fountain is a one of a kind. In the production we use high quality stoneware clay from the low mountain range of Westerwald. After molding and drying the pieces, we burn them at 1250, which makes for its exceptional staunchness - high durability for many years. As to the glaze, it is extremely important to us that it is admitted for tableware according to the international norm DIN-51031: We ourselves use these glazes for the dishes that we use in our daily life. Only what is good enough for ourselves is good enough for our beloved furballs.

Cat-Circles have it that our fountains are the ideal way of giving your purrfect companions water.


If you also want a matching ceramic leaf in order to hide the cable, you can order it here.

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