How to maintain your fountain's pump

... for when the poor thing feels tired and slow and congested


Please remove the plug first (sorry for being obvious...), so the pump won't work without water (she hates that!).


The pump's box consists of two parts. You will see a fine line where both come together. To preserve your fingernails while opening the box put your thumb around the protuberance to which the transparent pipe is attached (this is also the place where you can adjust the water flow: by simply rotating it). Put your other hand on the other part of the box (the one with the cable...). Then open it like you would open a book.


You see know a little rotor/propeller. Remove it with a a pair of tweezers (or a pair of slim fingers if you have them available), it is attached by nothing but a magnet. It happens a lot that hairs, little grains of chalk or similar get stuck here and impair the propeller's movement.

Clean everthing under the tap, then let the rotor slide back into the cavity and close the pump by pressing the two parts onto eachother.


Sometimes, some hairs or other grains of whatever get stuck where the pipe is attached to the pump. Just draw the pipe off the pump and remove the intruders (tweezers).


If there is resistent chalk, you can remove it using vinegar or diluted vinegar concentrate (don't forget to rinse it well afterwards, none of us here at KIH have ever met a vinegar loving cat...). You can also have the pump work for a while with vinegar/diluted vinegar essence in order to remove the chalk.


Sometimes, there still can be some problems (re)starting the pump. In that case, just give it a few knocks with the hand... (engineers, please forgive us... !)


Since they are reeeeally very robust, the pump should be working again after this whole procedure.

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